Joethinks on Substack: Week 1

A weekly look at interesting stuff I've come across, with some short analysis, interest links (and why), the 'complexity idea of the week', maybe a book reco.

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Since this is my first edition, I’ll just layout the basics of what I’m planning. Unlike a weekly news curation service, I am basically going to use this newsletter to knock of larger themes and areas that I’ve been thinking about. I’ll also include some interesting articles or content I’ve come across, and add in the occasional book review.

Here are some of the larger posts I’ve got on the backburner:

-Complexity, complex adaptive systems, path dependence, information theory. That’s life.

-Know the data: any form of discussion requires knowing something about the underlying behaviour of the thing being studied. This is the most underplayed problem with discussion today. Layout your data. Let’s talk.

-Just a straight-up raw comparison table a la Taleb: Greek academic top down vs Roman tinkering, practical, tort law. Across the board from Stats to Crossfit to AI.

-Open-ended and decentralized knowledge-sharing: VCs and entrepreneurs and information & state space seekers etc.

-Knowing things: forming opinions in an age of unlimited information, broken media, partisan science. Bayesian updating and epistemology. Don’t trust the bell curve. Theory and practice.

-Berlin: a detailed description. I am going to frame Berlin in a way that outsiders can understand it. Meta-learning: you can port this model onto other places and it still works.

-US great migration & black life outcomes. Viewing African-Americans as internal 'immigrants' to situate their situation (Angle: Path-dependence, Complex Adaptive Systems and History).

-Economics as an information search: a hack rethink of economics as a combination of Arnold Kling’s specialization and trade, information theory, Merhling's Money View, VC/Financial cycles a la Perez/Janeway/Minsky.

-Complexity for dummies: A selected literary review. How you too can become complex. The MOOC, De Deo on information theory and Bayesian Reasoning, La Land evolution, a few of the Jim Rutt interviews, ABMs, CAS.

-General Physical Preparedness: what to train for what event/challenge/survival test. Very good little analogy for unsolvable multivariate optimization and for developing various indexes to do so. And then list a bunch of indexes elsewhere.

-A series of book reviews: Basically I want to take books as jumping off points to do creative things:

1) Jewish Century: Structured as a personal letter about why this book meant something to me.

2) What the fuck is wrong with Sapiens. Selected quotes just getting one-liner’d by me.

3) White Shift (Eric Kaufman): It’s thesis and what it means for us.

Weekly Sections:

Highlighted Content: Every week I’ll try to include interesting content I’ve come across: a Tweet thread, article or video.

Here’s the thread of the week to consider: